Stop-motion, practical effects, animated vinyl and zoetropes

Hi, I create award-winning short videos. My inventive approach to film-making is borne from a fascination for practical effects and optical illusions. In my videos I often incorporate the use of stop-motion, playing with perspective, and more recently, zoetropes and phenakistiscopes


The film I directed for Tim Minchin's 'Leaving LA' was animated with the use of zoetropes. All the frames of animation were captured from footage we shot across 2 days in Sydney with Tim and his band. Every frame was then printed and cut out from paper and arranged around zoetrope discs. Read more about it here.


I also create animated vinyl designs. When viewed through a camera, as the record spins on the turntable, the designs appear animated. I designed the vinyl for Dope Lemon's (Angus Stone) album 'Smooth Big Cat' and Dune Rats ARIA #1 album 'Hurry Up And Wait'.

My work has been featured by Apple, Juxtapoz Magazine, BuzzFeed, Mashable, Huffington Post, Shutterstock, George Takei Presents, Tribeca Film Festival, and My Modern Met. I have directed videos for major brands such as Honda, Google, Netflix, Twitter, Virgin Mobile, Starbucks, Perrier and Toyota.

The film has taken thousands of hours to make, and has become a project that not only enhances the song, but utterly transcends it. It is one of the most wonderful pieces of animation I have ever seen
– Tim Minchin 

© 2020 Tee Ken Ng

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