Stop-motion, practical effects, animated vinyl and zoetropes

Hi, I create award-winning short videos. My inventive approach to film-making is borne from a fascination for practical effects and optical illusions. In my videos I often incorporate the use of stop-motion, playing with perspective, and more recently, zoetropes. 


The film I directed for Tim Minchin's 'Leaving LA' was animated with the use of zoetropes. All the frames of animation were captured from footage we shot across 2 days in Sydney with Tim and his band. Every frame was then printed and cut out from paper and arranged around zoetrope discs. By spinning the zoetropes on record players at a fixed speed and filming them at a set frame rate the animations appear to come to life. Read more about it here.


I also create animated vinyl designs. When viewed through a camera, as the record spins on the turntable, the designs appear animated. I recently designed the vinyl for Dope Lemon's (Angus Stone) album 'Smooth Big Cat' and Dune Rats ARIA #1 album 'Hurry Up And Wait'.

My work has been featured by Apple, Juxtapoz Magazine, BuzzFeed, Mashable, Huffington Post, Shutterstock, George Takei Presents, Tribeca Film Festival, and My Modern Met. I have directed videos for major brands such as Google, Netflix, Twitter, Virgin Mobile, Starbucks, Perrier and Toyota.

The film has taken thousands of hours to make, and has become a project that not only enhances the song, but utterly transcends it. It is one of the most wonderful pieces of animation I have ever seen
– Tim Minchin 

© 2020 Tee Ken Ng

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