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'hypnotized' Tune-yards
© 2021
Music Video by Tee Ken Ng
Train Conductor: Steve Berrick
Editor: Chris Trappe
Art Department: Paul Caporn, Emily Adam, Cabe Berrick

Asolo Art Fim Festival 2021

The song is a soulful plea to stay awake and present in this time of pandemic and oligarchy. The video posits the viewer on a never-ending looping train track through an almost nether world filled with shapes and dancing shades. There are no people to be found in this nighttime carnival ride except the souls trapped on the other side of the screens.

The 'one-take' music video was filmed with a GoPro mounted on a Lego train. Essentially a motion control rig the train’s speed, camera pans and track switches as well as the video screens, projections and lights were synchronised and controlled over wifi with sequencing software. Controlling everything remotely allowed us to hide out of shot. It took 88 takes to nail it. Watch the end result above.

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