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Clipped Music Video Festival  (2021), Winner Best Concept - ‘Hypnotized’

QLDXR Festival (2021), Winner Best in Australia - 'Leaving LA'

QLDXR Festival (2021), Winner Best Animation - 'Leaving LA'

Australian Cinematographers' Society Awards (2021), Music Video – Gold Tripod, 'Leaving LA'

Western Australia Screen Culture Awards (2020), Innovation in Music Video – Winner, 'Leaving LA'

Snackable Content Awards (2020), Media/Entertainment/Culture Category – Silver Award, RTRFM's In the Pines


Snackable Content Awards (2019), Beverage Category – Silver Award, Eristoff Vodka video


Snackable Content Awards (2019), Stop-motion Category – Bronze Award, Perrier stop-motion animation

Shorty Awards (2015), Vine of the Year – Nomination, 'Mirror Copy' animation

TropFest (2014), Vine Category – First Prize, 'Mirror Copy' animation


Tee Ken Ng, Short Documentary

Directed by Ella Wright, ABCTV Art Works (S3, Ep22) – 2023

Optical Illusion Art You’ve Got To See

Buzzfeed News – September 2020

Leaving LA by Tim Minchin and Tee Ken Ng. #shotoniphone with Beastgrip Pro

Beastgrip – April 2020

Creativity lives on in Apple's Coronavirus ad

Ad Age – April 2020

Creativity goes on
Apple – April 2020

Graphic designer Tee Ken Ng creates some of the wildest visual tricks the Internet has ever seen

Rooster Magazine – January 2020

Mesmerizing Phenakisticopes and Illusions by Tee Ken Ng

My Modern Met – September 2019

Works That Trick The Eye

George Takei – January 2019

Perth artist captures Anna Meares in glitter for Toyota’s Rio Olympics social media campaign
PerthNow – August 2016

TropVine: Perth smartphone filmmakers shine… in six seconds
Sydney Morning Herald – July 2015

Guest post: Time for a six-second short film festival
TwitterAU Blog – June 2015

Tee Ken Ng’s #TROPVINE experience
Tropfest – June 2015

World-class stop-motion animators compete in the ultimate Vine duel
Mashable – May 2015

Check out the best six second artists, musicians and comedians from this year
Shorty Awards – March 2015

Short Video Tips from Two of Vine’s Top Storytellers
Shutterstock – March 2015

Can a six-second movie be considered art
The Conversation – December 2014

The 25 best Vines of 2014
Mashable – November 2014

12 Inventive Vines That’ll Pump Your Own Creative Juices
Mashable – October 2014

This Vine Won the Shortest Film Festival in Australia
Mashable – September 2014

Announcing the winner of #TROPVINE, Australia’s first @VineApp competition
Twitter Australia – September 2014

23 Surreal Vines That Don’t Seem Possible
BuzzFeed – May 2014

A billion loops later, Vine ripens and goes mainstream
Sydney Morning Herald – August 2014

The Best Vines of 2013
Tribeca Film Festival – December 2013

Vine Celebrates First Birthday – So Here Are Our 12 Favourites
HuffingtonPost UK – January 2014

Who You Should Follow On Vine
Nokia – December 2013

The 35 Most Remarkable Stop Motion Vines Of 2013
BuzzFeed – December 2013

Vine Spotlight: Tee Ken Ng
Astronauts Wanted – December 2013

Mind Playing Tricks On Me: Tee Ken Ng Interview
Frank 151 – September 2013

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